Better late than never: FIRST IMPRESSIONS of the Second Generation Moto X

By James Edward Sved on January 17, 2015


LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) —  The second generation of the Moto X is a brilliant device.  I understand why it keeps receiving accolades as the best Android phone of the year.  Hands down, build quality and operation – especially with all the Moto X “Secret Sauce” – are nothing short of astounding.  Conversely, the new X, while incredible in its own right, lacks the ergonomics and the overall “feel” of the original.

I had been using the original Moto X for about a year before I upgraded to the new version.  The original “Classic” Moto X quickly became my favorite phone ever.  It was time to see what its successor had to offer.

I am coming to view these two devices like I view automobile design – they come from the same design house and share the same design cues and the same features, but they are different devices.  One is a nimble luxury two seater – a real driver’s car.  The other is a stately, flagship luxury sedan.

Truthfully, these two phones could be sold side by side … in fact, AT&T does.

You can’t go wrong with either.

maria420 February 4, 2016

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