• Best Hotels, Christchurch, New Zealand: THE COMMODORE HOTEL

    By Anna Wilding
    CHRISTCHURCH, NZ (Herald de Paris) —  The Commodore Hotel in Christchurch is a family owned and operated 5-star hotel business with a firmly Christchurch story. It has been operating since 1971, but the Patterson family have been in the hospitality business in the region for over 80 years. The Commodore is a bit of a, “Best kept secret,” among locals and visitors, alike. The Commodore has clean green lines, is spacious, eco-friendly, and offers highly competitive pricing for the region, as it caters to people from all walks of life.

    The Commodore is down to earth, yet the private rooms are sleekly upmarket and sophisticated, at the same time.

    Views of the Southern Alps entice on a sunny day in one direction, while the Port Hills beckon guests in the rooms on the other side of the hotel. A glass elevator and glasshouse enclosed pool and spa offer excellent views of the lush, green, award-winning native gardens. There is a reason Prime Ministers, American astronauts, politicians, scientists, Olympians, celebrities, award winning directors, award winning restoration architects, and rugby players all stay at the 5-star Commodore Hotel in Christchurch.

    Unfazed by any possible 5-star competitors 10 minutes further into the center of town, Business manager Michael Jane says, “We do our own thing.” The Commodore certainly does.  It is a cut above the rest in service and rooms, and this is why it is one of the Herald de Paris favourite hotels in the entire Canterbury region of the South Island.

    Here are our top ten reasons to stay at the Commodore Airport Hotel:

    1. The rooms, in particular the executive business suites, are suitable for the most adventurous astronaut and the most sophisticated interior designer. Slick, elegant, modern, comfortable and brimming with fresh herbal teas, hot chocolate, and cookies, Commodore rooms boast at having the most comfortable king beds on the planet.These rooms are big enough to use as a little living room, and entertain friends with young children.

    2. Surprising the palette is the rather more modestly appointed dining room. The food is fresh, colorful, sophisticated, and the portions generous, delivered with South Island flair with the best local ingredients, and bought to you by Chef Andy Jameison, formally of the 5-star Intercontinental Hotel Group.

    3. Security is great. Most public would expect celebrities to stay at the 5-star hotel in town, so this is great for privacy and anonymity. It’s also easy for VIP security details to protect.

    4. Step into the Jacuzzi or indoor swimming pool, take in the serenity open your eyes and realise you are in a glasshouse surrounded by ferns.

    5. The staff are the friendliest and most hospitable of Kiwis that more than live up to the 5-star rating in its hotel rooms. The finer points of hospitality are not generally New Zealand’s strongest suit, but this staff exceeds and will get anything you need. Just ask.

    6. The Commodore is close to the airport, only 3 minutes away, yet still quiet, and only a ten minute smooth drive to the center of town. Another 20 minutes to Sumner Beach or the Port Hills, and the Adventure Park and Sign off the Kiwi. Conversely,  from The Commodore, it is just a straight drive of an hour or two to any of the ski fields or over the hills to Banks Peninsula, and the quaint French port village of Akaroa.

    7. Well priced and very competitively priced.

    8. Family owned for over 30 years, so the pride and care is beyond compare.

    9. Caters to all travellers.

    10. Open fireplace and great in all-weather and great large generous umbrellas if it rains. Oh, and free shuttles to the Casino, airport, farmer’s markets, and elsewhere.


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