• Backing SOPA against the ropes-a

    By James Sved on January 18, 2012

    SOPA and PIPA causing biggest hollow scare since the stupid Y2K thing

    WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it, that the US Congress and the US House of Representatives think they own, and thus can control, the internet.  For even if they were successful in signing these arrogant bills into law, the United States government in no way controls the flow of the internet in the rest of the world.  So, what’s all this SOPA and PIPA mumbo jumbo all about?  EGO.

    Since taking the oath of office, American President Barack Obama has been subtly lobbying for the ability to turn the internet on or off on his own authority.  Congress has yet to yield on this, fearing the internet panic syndrome that plagued Iran during the uprising a couple of summers ago, protesting the allegedly rigged elections by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and subsequent political coups in Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere.  What politicians and dictators around the world have been finding out the hard way is that the internet belongs to the world, and you can’t control it or the will of the people.  So why does the US government want to control the flow of information?  Well, if the executive branch wants it so badly, congressional leaders figure they should, too.

    But back to SOPA and PIPA for a minute.  I am not concerned.  From a business standpoint, the Herald de Paris doesn’t care.  We partner with news agencies around the world and share with you – at no cost –  the content they offer us.  We then work with talented writers and journalists around the world to bring you original content you can’t find anywhere else, at any price.  Since 2010, the Herald de Paris has been about a single notion:  Make access to news and information free, and keep it free, with zero bias whatsoever.  The news should never be only for the wealthy or the privileged or those with internet access.  Therefore, SOPA can’t hurt us.  PIPA can’t affect our business model because we don’t have one, anymore – dozens around the world work for nothing each day to bring you the latest and most unbiased news stories from every corner of the world.  Good, bad, or ugly, we tell it like it is because someone has to.  Period.

    So, too, we share our content freely.  All we ask is that you get our permission first, and then if you want to spread the love of a truly free and unbiased media by linking to our headlines and our stories, we encourage it.

    If enacted, who will SOPA and PIPA hurt?  Ultimately, the US federal government.  In a remarkable show of egoism, bravado, and outright stupidity, these American politicians forget that the United States makes up just 4.6% of the world population, and just 11.6% of the world’s internet users.  How will this affect the Federal bottom line?  Savvy US-based international companies will simply pull out of the US, and set up their corporate offices in web-heavy little tax shelter countries like Vanuatu and St. Kitts, and simply ignore the 4.6% of you, denying jobs and tax base to the US and to Americans.

    Great job, congress.  While the US remains embroiled in an economic depression (I don’t much care what you call it, you can’t trick us), you want to drive more jobs and more tax revenue offshore.  And why?  Because some megalithic companies you already excused from the tax rolls doesn’t like people sharing their content?

    On a brighter note, SOPA and PIPA would prevent television networks, lazy producers, and some of the “mainstream” news media outlets from using youtubers’ viral videos on their networks and their websites.  You can kiss the Huffington Post goodbye, too – they share content without asking.

    I’m asking you – PLEASE don’t buy into the fabricated panic.

    Think twice, Washington – aside from maybe lowering the visibility of the Kardashian family and shutting up Perez Hilton, the only things that will happen if you sign SOPA and PIPA into law make you look ignorant, scr*ws your constituents, and further decimates your country.

    elicamp January 18, 2012

    well said!!!!!
    the movie and music industry consists of lazy people with money and no brain who don’t care about anything but their own agendas.as for the rest of the companies who support the bill, cable companies and content oriented companies, if they just woke up and used their heads, they would see that this is just a waste of their time and money.

    reality January 18, 2012


    Anything that can be copied ENDLESSLY….. at NO COST………is WORTHLESS. (literally)
    Why is gold valuable ?
    There should be no laws to protect…… corporations bad business models.
    Selling worthless copies is a bad business model…..evolve or die.

    Anti-Pirates hate people who share WORTHLESS data….
    Anti-Pirates want to throw people in jail….
    Anti-Pirates want to financially ruin people….
    Anti-Pirates will happily remove all personal freedoms to share copywrong content….
    All for profit…

    Who’s worse….. Pirates or Anti-Pirates ?

    Anti-Pirates are the intolerant to reality side … who will destroy a person

    Pirates just share worthless copies

    jason January 18, 2012


    Tara Hagenbrock Johnson January 18, 2012

    The worst pirate is Disney … taking classic literature and then copyrighting the stories as their own. When I was younger, about 40 years ago, at leas they said whatever was the latest literary theft was “Disney’s XXX.” At least you knew it was their take on XXX, and they didn’t try to claim it as their own. But maybe since so many children and teens don’t want to read anymore, Disney thinks it can get away with stealing the classics.

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