• Chef Peter Chang – Best noodles on the planet at NOODLES AND DUMPLINGS

    Richmond, Virginia (Herald de Paris) — ¬†You know the noodles.The pasty, doughy noodles served up in bowls and on plates¬†around the country. ¬†Soggy, prepared as a blanched white soup that look¬†like they have spent the night in the bleach in your washing machine – or, perhaps, ¬†the¬†ones served on a flat plate. Noodles deep fried […]

  • Peter Chang’s – Best Asian restaurant and cooking on the US East Coast

    RICHMOND, VA (Herald de Paris) —¬† Chef Peter Chang is on his way to becoming an iconic Chef on the American food scene and certainly, currently America’s most revered Chinese Chef. Twice recently nominated for a prestigious James Beard Award, Chef Chang’s cooking will surprise and delight you, as we discovered for ourselves when visiting […]

  • Flavor on Main: An exceptional new restaurant in Culpeper, Virginia

    Culpeper, VA (Herald de Paris) — ¬†Some meals you always remember. ¬†For me, I can count them on one hand, and thankfully, my counting hand just acquired another memorable favorite. ¬†Nestled in the fertile, rolling, green, hills just 70 miles from Washington, DC, a new restaurant has emerged in Culpeper’s bustling and restored downtown. ¬†Flavor […]

  • gutes Essen: Jeanette’s Edelweiss offers healthy, traditional German fare to Los Angelinos

    LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) — ¬†Jeanette Millio, one of Germany’s most successful movie producers, and her husband, Jim, an Emmy Award-winning writer/director/producer, are longtime Los Angelinos. ¬†But that doesn’t mean Jeanette didn’t miss the traditional German food and ambiance of her hometown. ¬†A movie producer with a restaurant? ¬†Epicurean German food? ¬†Before you scoff, […]

  • Aroha Restaurant, Los Angeles: Fresh New Zealand cooking

    By Anna Wilding LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) — ¬†The Aroha Restaurant is tucked inconspicuously behind a large tree at Lindero Canyon, in modern Westlake Village. ¬†Perhaps being situated behind the only tree is most fitting being a New Zealand restaurant , and a country that likes to lay claim to the great outdoors. ¬†New […]

  • Bouchon Beverly Hills’ limited-run breakfast – mark your calendars NOW.
    15 - 1

    BEVERLY HILLS (Herald de Paris) — ¬†There are few things more rewarding than an authentic meal, prepared properly and served in the open air of morning. ¬†In Beverly Hills, such an opportunity occurs only two weeks out of every year, when Chef Thomas Keller opens his Bistro, Bouchon, Beverly Hills, during the two weeks leading […]

  • Treat your Special Someone to Valentine’s Day at Bouchon!
    15-BBA-005 valentine.blast.2

    BOUCHON BEVERLY HILLS —¬† Pick up sweet treats all week long at Bouchon Bakery. (Feb. 9th – 15th) highlights include:‚Äč ‚Äč Conversation Heart Shortbread Cookies, a seasonal take on one of Bouchon’s signature desserts, topped with icing. Choose from Love You, Je t’aime, Text Me, or Be Mine. ($3.75/$6.50) ‚ô• Sugar Cookie Heart Sandwich, two […]

  • CHRISTMAS EVE FOOD REVIEW: Ad Hoc Fried Chicken at Bouchon, Beverly Hills
    Christmas tree at Bouchon Bistro, Beverly Hills

    BEVERLY HILLS (Herald de Paris) — ¬†There are few rewards better than a great meal. ¬†The only possible exception might be a great meal of comfort food – food that both delights your palette and warms your insides. ¬†We were invited for such a meal, at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, Beverly Hills. ¬†The dinner? […]