• Chef Peter Chang – Best noodles on the planet at NOODLES AND DUMPLINGS

    Richmond, Virginia (Herald de Paris) —  You know the noodles.The pasty, doughy noodles served up in bowls and on plates around the country.  Soggy, prepared as a blanched white soup that look like they have spent the night in the bleach in your washing machine – or, perhaps,  the ones served on a flat plate. Noodles deep fried […]

  • Peter Chang’s – Best Asian restaurant and cooking on the US East Coast

    RICHMOND, VA (Herald de Paris) —  Chef Peter Chang is on his way to becoming an iconic Chef on the American food scene and certainly, currently America’s most revered Chinese Chef. Twice recently nominated for a prestigious James Beard Award, Chef Chang’s cooking will surprise and delight you, as we discovered for ourselves when visiting […]

  • Flavor on Main: An exceptional new restaurant in Culpeper, Virginia

    Culpeper, VA (Herald de Paris) —  Some meals you always remember.  For me, I can count them on one hand, and thankfully, my counting hand just acquired another memorable favorite.  Nestled in the fertile, rolling, green, hills just 70 miles from Washington, DC, a new restaurant has emerged in Culpeper’s bustling and restored downtown.  Flavor […]

  • gutes Essen: Jeanette’s Edelweiss offers healthy, traditional German fare to Los Angelinos

    LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) —  Jeanette Millio, one of Germany’s most successful movie producers, and her husband, Jim, an Emmy Award-winning writer/director/producer, are longtime Los Angelinos.  But that doesn’t mean Jeanette didn’t miss the traditional German food and ambiance of her hometown.  A movie producer with a restaurant?  Epicurean German food?  Before you scoff, […]

  • Aroha Restaurant, Los Angeles: Fresh New Zealand cooking

    By Anna Wilding LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) —  The Aroha Restaurant is tucked inconspicuously behind a large tree at Lindero Canyon, in modern Westlake Village.  Perhaps being situated behind the only tree is most fitting being a New Zealand restaurant , and a country that likes to lay claim to the great outdoors.  New […]

  • Bouchon Beverly Hills’ limited-run breakfast – mark your calendars NOW.
    15 - 1

    BEVERLY HILLS (Herald de Paris) —  There are few things more rewarding than an authentic meal, prepared properly and served in the open air of morning.  In Beverly Hills, such an opportunity occurs only two weeks out of every year, when Chef Thomas Keller opens his Bistro, Bouchon, Beverly Hills, during the two weeks leading […]

  • Treat your Special Someone to Valentine’s Day at Bouchon!
    15-BBA-005 valentine.blast.2

    BOUCHON BEVERLY HILLS —  Pick up sweet treats all week long at Bouchon Bakery. (Feb. 9th – 15th) highlights include:​ ​ Conversation Heart Shortbread Cookies, a seasonal take on one of Bouchon’s signature desserts, topped with icing. Choose from Love You, Je t’aime, Text Me, or Be Mine. ($3.75/$6.50) ♥ Sugar Cookie Heart Sandwich, two […]

  • CHRISTMAS EVE FOOD REVIEW: Ad Hoc Fried Chicken at Bouchon, Beverly Hills
    Christmas tree at Bouchon Bistro, Beverly Hills

    BEVERLY HILLS (Herald de Paris) —  There are few rewards better than a great meal.  The only possible exception might be a great meal of comfort food – food that both delights your palette and warms your insides.  We were invited for such a meal, at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, Beverly Hills.  The dinner? […]