• “Alice in Wonderland” wins annual Halloween costume contest at Cafè L’Europe

    By James Sved on November 3, 2017

    PALM BEACH (Herald de Paris) —  Cafè L’Europe hosted its annual Halloween Costume Party Contest Tuesday evening.  Much of the crowd came to win, and the costumes, the music, and the fun did not disappoint.  Among the contestants were several annual participants, but there were some newcomers, as well.  Cafè L’Europe solidified is hold on the title of THE place to be in Palm Beach, on Halloween night.

    THE WINNERS: Sidra Gruss, Ted Campbell, Bryan Kaplan, Ara Kourgiantakis, Tom & Gina Tzikas


    Michele and Bradley


    Rosie Carlino, Dave Donnelly, Mary Donnelly, Patti Donnelly, and John Donnelly


    Timm Johnson-Reynolds, Carrie Byers, and Richie Sharp


    Joselle Crocker


    Annette Mercogliano, Jeff Shoam, Susan Shoam, Peter Murgio, Kathy Murgio, and Mimi Chiesa


    Polo anyone?


    Wonder Woman!


    Anna Wilding and Captain Jack


    A most formidable thunder cloud!


    Ellen Jacobs and Teddy Bear the dog, Clare Coco, and friend.


    I AM SPARTICUS! John Andros and Julie Fabre.


    No Halloween would be complete without a Witch!


    Timm and Bruce.


    Cafè L’Europe fun!


    Cafè L’Europe fun!

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    sion lopez November 3, 2017

    Wow. Wow. Wow. That looks like so much fun.

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