By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on May 10, 2018

    “We will make sure you can’t reach agents and actors” – Gary Marsh, 2018

    HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —  The Times Up movement has not only shed light on the untoward harassment practices in the film business but also allows for light to be shed on many of the other unethical practices running and ruining the film business.

    Like a band aid over a wound, one can bandage over the many problems, or one can find its root causes and treat that cause. One of the main root problems of the film and televisions business, as it is known for the past 30 years, is companies like Breakdown Services, Actors Access, Showcast, and Talent Link, each founded, owned, and run by Gary Marsh, a British born man who fancies himself a bit of a gang boss in the way he bullies to dominate and control the business with unethical and highly questionable practices.

    There have been a myriad of verbal complaints to SAG-AFTRA over the years, and in many States, about Gary Marsh. There are many complaints online and on message boards about the company, about Gary Marsh, about the staff and they way Breakdown Services, Actors Access, and Talent Link conduct business. SAG-AFTRA has yet again, as they did with other Times Up claims for decades, failed to act on complaints and could not be contacted for comment at the time of writing.

    Gary Marsh appears to be operating a discriminatory service that potentially breaks multiple laws by not allowing job seekers, in this case, professional actors – both Screen Actors Guild members (SAG)  and non-union actors to see all the professional acting jobs available in the business. That proper professional work being the main paying work offered by television networks, studios, and a handful of major film distribution companies. In other words, Marsh literally blocks an actor (Or their agent, if he sees fit on an arbitrary whim) from seeing the role of, for example, a SUSAN in Glee being advertised.

    Until additional companies like LA Casting, Casting Networks, and Casting Frontier set up-many of the agents, studios and casting directors are complicit to Gary Marsh and his controlled trafficking. Some have nothing to do with his sites and ignore them. What it means is how do actors find work when their is a stranglehold, in a right to work state (Ed. Note:  As per the comments below, the author was corrected.  California is not a Right to Work State, it is a Union Secure State, though some SAG-AFTRA actors do live and work in Right to Work States),  by Gary Marsh and he blocks actors access to proper paying jobs?  It is the trafficking of actors on Gary Marsh’s whim that is a longstanding problem in the business. Marsh literally denies professional SAG actors access to paid job advertisements unless he sees fit.  SAG does nothing about it.

    Marsh’s sites are, at best, discriminatory and predatory, and at worst some are an outright scam.

    Gary Marsh operates the Pay-to-Play sites Breakdown Express (Paid gigs) and Actors Access (Non-union, mostly unpaid or low-paid gigs).  Not only that, Marsh can deny you the right to access those and other jobs on a whim.  Marsh can discriminate against anyone, at any time, subject to his own personal discretion.  And he does.

    A hypothetical analogy:  If an actor or client didn’t go along with the casting couch with a particular studio executive, that actor may find themselves denied access to casting calls all across the city, and therefore gainful employment.

    Gary Marsh makes unprofessional, unethical, subjective, and arbitrary decisions on which actors, agents, or casting directors and producers have access to jobs in the business.

    For starters, Mr. Marsh divides the industry as he sees fit. Therefore, the jobs posted on Actors Access are low hanging fruit – non-paying mostly non union gigs that most any actor, if they sign up for an annual membership, can seemingly pay for a right to see, and if they desire, apply for.

    Then there is Breakdowns – once used by many agents and studios, but now disregarded by some – and for good reason. On Breakdowns are the paying jobs that no one can see … except a few agents that Gary Marsh approves (Many agents cannot access them either, unless Gary approves them, and according to the myriad of complaints on the internet, often he discriminates against some agents, too).

    See where we are going here?

    Job seekers (Actors) are not even allowed access to available paying jobs they may be well suited for, and that a production company or a casting director has published on Marsh’s Breakdown site.  This very well could be in violation of federal employment law, as California is a right to work state.  Acting is professional work, and available roles which agents and production companies pay for, should be available for any potential employee to apply for, just like any other industry.

    Gary Marsh chooses who can, and who cannot, see job postings.  If he doesn’t like you personally or professionally, he literally blocks you. The site should, perhaps, be banned in this day and age of pubic transparency and right to work state.  It is not hard to make it possible for all SAG-AFTRA actors to see SAG-AFTRA listings but Gary Marsh doesn’t allow it.Only if an actor has selected agent-again he has barred legitimate agents, mangers and casting directors from his site,rendering it impossible for people to work as long as studios and networks continue to post jobs only though his service. Why is SAG-AFTRA rolling over on this? SAG AFTRA could easily pressure him to make ALL paid SAG castings available to ALL their membership.

    We have received several emails in Mr. Marsh’s own hand, where he has blocked decent professionals, new and old. He has blocked Casting Directors, Actors, and Agents from using the site on a whim, or for a reason that is usually completely hypocritical, or that only he knows and that others can only surmise.

    One legitimate production, headed by award winning and long established legitimate producer/director doing legitimate work, was recently blocked from the Marsh sites during one of Marsh’s tantrums. Marsh showed his prowess at Hollywood hypocrisy when he used hypocritical language to their production assistant, trying to cite that the company had not filed paperwork yet with SAG-AFTRA, in spite of the fact that the company showed they were filing, and were paying, above SAG-AFTRA rates.

    Mr. Marsh posts dozens of projects that say, “SAG PENDING,” and yet he denied this particular production because he felt like it.  Again Gary Marsh makes arbitrary and subjective decisions based on his own desires. Is he trafficking only the boys and girls he wants into the business and blocking others who speak out? Or is it by race, or is it because a studio boss doesn’t like you and wants to harm your career by preventing you from getting any work so he calls GAry and get’s the actor blocked? In this case, a SAG-AFTRA member was one of the writers on the aforementioned project, and was disgusted to see Gary Marsh blocking a professional project that would lead to decent paying gigs for actors.  This was not the first time.

    In another instance, Marsh blocked a casting director of a major, national commercial who was looking for an actor at SAG-AFTRA guild rates, with no explanation.  In that instance, Marsh said Casting Director had spoken out about a studio heads, and casting director antics on another movie.

    Is Gary Marsh protecting the Casting Couch?

    The internet is filled with complaints from production companies, casting directors, agents, and actors all complaining of poor and unethical treatment by Gary Marsh and staff.  Marsh’s staff allegedly loads some casting calls slower than others and in some cases not at all; actors denied access; actors being scammed out of fees on Talent Link, but goods not being delivered.

    In Mr. Marsh’s own written words to  a legitimate above the board production company, “We will certainly make sure you never have access reaching agents and actors,” ?Isn’t Mr Marsh  supposed to be doing the opposite? Gary Marsh blocks Actors and Production Companies from creating and gaining access to work. He literally blocks actors form getting work and at the same time makes them pay for non paying work. To all intents and purposes, Gary Marsh is a bully who bullies actors, bullies production companies, and bullies casting directors. He blocks actors from working unless he personally can control them.  He literally traffics actors -those who can get through and those who can’t.

    But you know where this is really leading.  This leads right into the Times Up movement.  The possible and very likely collusion between Gary Marsh and male studio heads, specific casting directors and agents, which leave actors unable to access job listings or a means to apply for them. Therefore, putting vulnerable job seekers and trained professionals at the hands of predatory studio heads, casting directors and agents. Even Casting directors who charge high fees for access to outlawed and controversial casting director workshops have Gary Marsh to thank for their new coffee machines..as actors pay for those outlawed workshops to get access that Gary Marsh denies.

    If there is one personal email account we would like to see in this town from the last 30 years, it is the email of Gary Marsh, to uncover  collusion between Marsh, studio heads sat Weinstein, Miramax, New Line, Warner Bros, Paramount, ABC/Disney, agents, casting directors, and IMDB.We do note the seeming links between Gary Marsh and his  compatriot over at IMDB and wonder if they are using the same software developers.

    Sion Lopez May 10, 2018

    About time this company was exposed for the corrupt self-dealing company it is.

    Ben Hauck May 10, 2018

    Please note that contrary to what you claim in your post, California is not currently a right-to-work state. Instead, it is a union secure state.

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