• Stella McCartney @ Barneys New York

    By Julia Chesky on May 5, 2009

    Doonan/McCartney - (Photo by Julia Chesky, All rights reserved)

    NEW YORK (Herald de Paris) – Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul and the late Linda McCartney, dropped by Barneys on a rainy Cinco de Mayo Tuesday afternoon. After rocking Monday nights Met Gala, the designer was in high spirits to answer some questions from fans and famed Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan at her trunk show.

    I happened to accidentally crash the fun events while I was shooting Barneys’ latest display, just in time to ride the elevator with Stella to the 6th floor. A large crowd of fans and fashionistas greeted her with cheers as we got off together. Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan sat with Stella and began asking her about everything from what it was like growing up green, “It wasn’t fashionable back then, but I’m glad people are doing something now, which better than nothing,” to if she can carry a tune, “I can’t say I’m good or bad, but I can carry a note,” and what gets her creative juices flowing, “Vodka and Tonic.”

    Here are some of my favorite Q+A highlights between the fabulous fashion duo.

    Simon: “What’s your fixation with the jumpsuit?”

    Stella: “I wore one to the Met last night, a friend had to take me in and out of it whenever I had to go to the bathroom. But honestly, I love how effortless they are, liberating, knitted, and freeing. Last season I was all about the tailored look, for spring it’s more knitted. I love them because they take me back to my childhood and how a woman doesn’t have to think too much when you put one on. No “does this top go with this bottom moments?’”

    Simon asked Stella about her masculine style of tailoring; something she learned from Savile Row when she was a student in Central St. Martins. Tommy Nutter trained Ms. McCartney in masculine style, and coincidentally Simon happened to work with Nutter as well, when he lived in London.

    Then Simon asked who Stella’s pop culture muses were and if she had any muses on the horizon. Stella gleefully answered that she doesn’t have just one muse or anyone really on the horizon. She is simply inspired by women, she works with a lot of women, she’s always in awe of women, and her muse truly is her customer. “It’s a huge honor to dress women and always be inspired by them.” She also added that she loved meeting customers and finding out what they want and need because that’s incredibly important to her job.

    When it was finally time for the crowd Q+A, a gentleman asked/pleaded with her if she would consider ever designing for men. “Yes, I would love to! Someday. Men can do some good all in ones as well.” A woman then asked her if she creates shoes and accessories at the same time as she creates her clothes. “I often work on shoes sooner than the rest of line. Because it’s a challenge since I don’t use any leather. It’s 70% more expensive to make because the materials cost more, and because I don’t use things like fish glue in my shoes. Last season I was really proud that we found biodegradable suede and this forces me to be more creative with materials.” When she was asked what she didn’t like about fashion, Stella said that she loved her job and how lucky she was to also be able to create ads and design stores, adding, “There isn’t a lot that I don’t like about it. But I must say that people working with animals is a drag. But who am I to judge?”




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