Hands-on with the Droid Turbo, with the black Kevlar reinforced back

By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on May 7, 2015


By Rob Watkins, Special to the Herald de Paris
Scottsdale (Herald de Paris) —  I got my Droid Turbo in January to replace my Nexus 6, which I loved other than the largish size and lack of Moto’s secret sauce. I opted for the blue ballistic back because I liked the look in pics.  I really liked the device at first though the WiFi reception was weak. I noticed that when paired with my Moto 360 the Turbo would drop my connection more often than when paired with my Moto X 2014 (which hence will be referred to as my Moto X2).

The screen was bright and rendered colors well, though I didn’t see a big difference when comparing the same pic with my Moto X2 which has a 1080p screen and the Turbo with a Quad HD screen. Honestly, I don’t think the slight difference is worth pushing the additional pixels and Motorola-logo_blackresulting increase in battery use.

That said, battery life is still great nonetheless.

As I write this, my battery life is at 48% after being off the charger for 14 hours. I wasn’t able to do that with my Nexus 6, though I was able to get through a day with the Nexus 6 most of the time. As my WiFi reception continued to irritate me, I ended up asking Verizon for a replacement. Despite the fact I purchased a blue ballistic backed Turbo from Best Buy originally, Verizon sent me a black Kevlar smooth backed version as a replacement.

I was a bit ticked off initially, but the nice lady at Verizon said to go ahead and try it and if I hated it I could call and get a blue ballistic replacement if I did so within two weeks ( the same lady who told me that because she was a Verizon Tech Coach, or something like that, Verizon would be updating the Turbo directly to 5.1.X sometime in May).  I have to say that after spending some time with the black Kevlar reinforced back that I like it a LOT! It has really nice grip and is quite resistant to fingerprints. WiFi signal on the new unit is a bit better but still not as good as my Moto X2.

The camera is mostly good, though it struggles with low light shots with the flash off. If you’re taking a pic inside and the flash fires, the results are mostly good. I do wish it had OIS, though. Overall I am glad I bought a Turbo. It has the same guts as the Nexus 6 with Moto’s secret sauce and a 20.7MP back camera which curiously, while competent, isn’t as good as the 13MP camera on the Nexus 6 with OIS.

My only regret is that despite the fact that the Droid Turbo’s identical twins (Moto Maxx) in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil are running Android 5.0.2 and the Nexus 6 with aforementioned identical guts, minus Moto’s secret sauce, is running Android 5.1, the US Turbo languishes on Android KitKat 4.4.4.

Overall, its a beast of a device though!

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